Monday, November 2, 2009

Twitter lists for higher ed

Coming soon to a Twitter feed near you...lists!

I was slow to get into social media, but quick to get into Twitter. The editor in me loves how the 140-character limit forces people to get to the point. My PR side loves the networking value. The journalist in me loves having a place to broadcast. My inner information hound loves the sheer volume of content.

The folks at Twitter are now in the process of adding the simple, but valuable functionality of lists, which can be made public or private. Here are a few basic ideas for higher ed institution accounts:
  • Alumni list - help alumni followers of your list identify and find each other through an alumni list.
  • Profession list - separate those you follow who are leaders or employers in the profession.
  • Peer list - connect with fellow institutional Twitterers from other colleges and universities.
  • University list - highlight other accounts from your institution, possibly including faculty or top administrators.
How are you considering on using Twitter lists for your institutional accounts? Are there any drawbacks we should watch out for?


  1. Thanks for the suggestion of the alumni list--just tweeted a question to our followers to ask who's an alumnus. The challenge there obviously is finding them.

    The prompt about doing an alumni list also reminded me to tweet about our LinkedIn alumni group--another space where it makes sense to help alums connect with each other for mutual benefit.

    Washington State University Spokane

  2. Great ideas, Barb! (Sorry for the delay in response--I was offline this week.)