Monday, November 16, 2009

Marketing gems from #amahighered

There are many great conferences I'd like to attend, but personal responsibilities have kept me from traveling the past few years. Thankfully, I can live vicariously through colleagues tweeting with conference hashtags. Here are some gems from today's American Marketing Association Higher Education Conference:
  • @Zehno: If you offer your alumni mag for sale, would anyone buy it? It's about audience, not institution.
  • @lynseystruthers: "Kids on Facebook live below the fold. The fold is dead." -- Fritz McDonald
  • @admmlr: Don't be a social media butterfly. Pick a couple of providers that work with your audience and do them well.
  • @amahighered: 68% never go beyond page one of a website - SCARY
  • @admmlr: Don't hide your blog behind a portal - Google can't find it! Lost SEO opp.
  • @davidpoteet Can't forget that the 'social' in social media means audience particip. Seek influence, not control." -- @melissarichards
  • @donschindler: press release you write today and push out can still be working for you a decade from now
  • @ideasemerge If you're afraid to let people speak about your brand, you must not be fulfilling your brand promise.
  • @francisrizzo3 Unless they simplify it, Google Wave will never be the new anything.
  • @johntlawlor #10: Online is everyone's job. [Make sure you at least have an internal content strategy & a reaffirmation of core values]
Hopefully I'll be tweeting from one of these conferences in the next year!

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