Friday, October 9, 2009

How many higher ed rankings can you name?

A member of the CASE Communications listserv asked an interesting question this week: how many organizations are ranking IHEs? Here is the list so far:

Overall higher-ed rankings
Best Value
Green Schools/Sustainability
And my personal favorite...rankings of college rankings
I'm sure there are more...please comment to share!
Edited 10/13/09 to add Fiske and Leiter.


  1. Very good list. Never quite realized how many there really are. Here are a couple others.

    Not as big as the others, but there is the Fiske Guide to Colleges

    There is also the US News and World Report equivalent in Canada - Maclean's Just like US News and World Report, they have the main ranking and then they have several breakout rankings - like Law School rankings.

  2. Thanks! One more that just came out: Best 15 college cafeterias by Daily Beast: