Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free ways to monitor your brand online

Composite sites that search several sources in one swoop:
Search your institution's names on these sites and use the RSS feed on the results page to create your own alerts:
Some of these may seem repetitive, but I find that by monitoring them on a personal portal (such as MyYahoo or iGoogle) makes them fairly easy to scan through for differences. It's also good to incorporate a saved Twitter Search through your preferred Twitter posting tool (mine is TweetDeck).

If you truly want to become the "Big Brother" for your institution, you can research prospective student forums or sites where students can rate your faculty or other aspects of campus life. Just try to keep things in perspective—the Air Force Blog Assessment chart is a handy tool for deciding if, when and how to respond.

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  1. Always a good idea to keep an idea on what people are saying about your institution, department, unit, etc. Especially keeping an eye out for a trend for negative articles.

    I personally like Google Reader, you search and get all your news in one location, then you can easily share publically any article you want to. And others in your marketing unit can "follow" your the news you find important.

    Last tip I'd like to add on, be sure to do a search for all your insititutions popular nicknames, acronyms, etc. to be sure you are collecting a complete picture as possible.